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Good things come in small packages

Did you ever wonder why they say, good things come in small packages? 
My cute baby and kids clothes are the best!  Even the little itty bitty ones are super cute and original art and design.  Now, even the littlest member of the family can be outfitted in the most original and groovy clothes!
Babies look so cute and adorable in bright colors!  Why not some groovy tie dye for the little bit!  Tie Dye lovers will want to add some little designs for baby or grandkid.
Did you know that Hopper's tie dye is ALL hand dyed in Hawaii?  Each item is individually dyed, with child friendly dyes!  These little gems can even be put right into your washer and dryer!  Soft, and bright and one of a kind!!
Good things do come in small packages!  Check out all of Hopper's beautiful and unique designs today!!
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