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Embroidery is here!

NEW in house custom embroidery by Hopper's Art!

Woo HOO!  We took a huge step and purchased our own super cool custom embroidery machine!
NOW, we can not only produce my awesome original designs in all kinds of ways!  We can also do any and ALL logos big or small!  Big company or LITTLE company!
Yes, this is true!  Lots of embroidery companies have high minimums.  This makes it really hard for the little guys to be even a little creative!
That's where we come in!  
Now you can order you custom embroidery done the way you like it.....and the number you need!

We also DIGITIZE !  Need something digitized today?  Let us know, we can make your design a reality today!

Not creative?  we can handle that too!  I have lots of experience and lots of happy customers with clean, sharp and totally unique logos!

Be part of the art!  
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