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Hurricane Iselle and Hopper's art

Aloha, everyone!  It is with much happiness, I get to announce, that we are still here ...... safe and happy and maybe in what looks like a war zone, but still safe and well!  There is much to be grateful for!  
We were spared in many ways, with very minimal damage at the two properties we own.  We had a few trees come down, lots and lots of after storm cleanup and a very long time with out power!
So, we sort of camped out, generator and all...very happy to have that little link of power !  Even if it was for only a couple of hours a day, to keep our food cool!  
We still have no internet or phone, so we are kind of limping along business wise.....no fun sitting at Target, just so I can update everyone out there!
We will be posting a link to the pics from the war zone, we call PUNA! 

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