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PUNA strong, in the aftermath of Iselle

Here on the big Island of Hawaii, we have an area, we lovingly call PUNA.  This is a special place to many folk, myself included.  Here in Puna, I call home.  It is a laid back sort of place, where many people live by the sun, swim in the ocean each day, and eat what is grown or caught here.  For many of us, this is what we call paradise!  
So, when Iselle made land fall, and decided to stop off for a while and reek havoc on Puna, well, it sort of made all kinds of things happen.
First and foremost....massive storm damage to many areas in and around Puna.  Yet, in Hilo, many people have no idea what happened in Puna, or the recovery efforts that are now in place.  
For two weeks now, many in Puna, have been without Power.  For, Iselle did much damage to the over head power lines throughout the district!  Snapped off power polls can be found in every neighborhood resulting in thousands of local folks with out the basics, like power, water, and sanitation.  Me included!
Power companies are sending crews from the mainland and all islands throughout Hawaii.  But, still, as of today, two weeks after Iselle, still over 2,000 folks are without power.  
Iselle, threw a punch alright!  But, that is where I have to say.....Puna folks are strong!   They survive!  They help their neighbors with sweat, and hard work, and chain saws and ice when you need it!  The outpouring of support during the aftermath of Iselle on Puna, has been a wonderful sight!  To see everyone doing what they can to help their neighbors simply survive.
Local merchants donating ice!  Shipping ice from Oahu !  The National Guard on the ground with big trucks, and big work crews!  Power companies everywhere you look...and local businesses and families putting on free hot meals and many locations for the folks without services.
Makes me glad I live in PUNA.   We are strong.....we are PUNA STRONG.  
And for that I introduce my PUNA STRONG hat design hat!  Each hat sold ... a portion will go directly to the help and rebuilding in Puna.  
Check in out and support PUNA in our efforts to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, and get back to business again!
Mahalo!  and ALOHA!
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