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Living with Pele: Why we are concerned.

More meaningless musings by Big Island Stitch......

I thought this Google Earth image that John Rozette posted might help our off-island observers understand what is going on with the lava.

First you will see how the lava is moving East  and that Pahoa, Highway 130, and several subdivisions are now in the direct path.  

We can also somewhat see the elevations and how that might be impacting the flow rate. .  Notice that the big drop in elevation occurred already when the lava traveled down from the source to where it is now just above the town of Pahoa.  That was about a 2,000 ft drop.  But from Pahoa to the ocean is only a 600' elevation drop.  I think this is why the flow has slowed to an ooze now instead of  a flow.  

But the other thing this image shows is the complete devastation to the South side from years of the lava flowing in that direction.   This is what has me most concerned.  Is this what Puna will like someday??

Living here now we can all call ourselves  PUNA STRONG!


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