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Living with Pele: Oh well. It was a nice break!

I guess it was just too good too be true.  The last couple of weeks of inactivity with the lava flow had convinced some residents that Pahoa had dodged a bullet this time around.  But alas, the lava is once again marching toward town.    Bummer.   But I guess we shouldn't be too surprised.

One thing that I found interesting was the change in tone to the daily announcements by Civil Defense.  They still say all the usual stuff about how fast the lava is advancing, how no homes are immediately threatened, and how you can't access the flow so don't even try.  But what is new now is a warning that anyone inside South lower Puna with on-going medical needs should RELOCATE to another area!  To me this is the County's first real admission that they believe the lava IS eventually going to isolate lower Puna.  Until now their official position has been to wait and see because lava is unpredictable.  I guess they waited and now they see!    

So after a couple of weeks of calm, I think we might be seeing some more North bound U-Hauls in the next few weeks!  

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