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Madam Pele has arrived

After several weeks of floundering just above Pahoa, the June 27 lava flow has now officially entered Pahoa.  The word a few hours ago was that the lava crossed Apa'a Road early this morning. There is one house in the immediate path.  Not far down the projected path comes more houses, Pahoa Village Road, and Highway 130.   Civil Defense will not project time frames to reach these areas due to the constantly changing flow front rate.   But the rapid acceleration of late has us worried that it might happen relatively quickly.

The lava finally crossing the first road after a 120 day journey down the mountain is, to me, a major turning point in this event.  For months we have worried that Madam Pele was on a march down her mountain and toward Pahoa town.  Then, for the past few weeks, we have witnessed her floundering just above town.  We all hoped that was a sign that she was reconsidering her chosen route to the ocean.  But instead it appears she was just taking a break, perhaps letting us get prepared,  before she marches through town.  And march she has, covering record ground these last few days and now she has taking her first road.   

So our hopes that this nightmare would somehow just go away without impacting us seem to have been dashed this morning.    By losing Apa'a Road, we have now been impacted not just by preparations for a future event, but by the event itself.     Madam Pele is here.  Let's hope she is gentle to us. 

Here is a good update clip from Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYafwfDYWQA  

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