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Living with Madam Pele: Stopped forward march but spreading!

The national media has portrayed the current lava flow as all but stopped.  So I thought I'd clarify what is going on for some of our off-island lava watchers.   If you compare these two photos you will see that the flow is not advancing but it sure is spreading out!

The other change that is occurring is that the covered areas are 'inflating', or getting taller.   Here is a photo of our transfer station.  Although it breached the fence in other places, here the lava basically stopped at the fence line.  Then, over the next several days the hardening lava puffed up to over 10 feet tall in places. 

All this, according to the geologists, is quite normal for this type of flow.  It also illustrates that just because the flow is not advancing does not necessarily mean there is no activity!  Up to this point only one house has been lost, and things are indeed quieter here - at least for the moment.  Let's do hope it stays that way.  But with 'Fits and Starts' now being in our regular  vocabulary, we shouldn't be too surprised when the next big breakout occurs.
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