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Holiday Gifts

HOLIDAY gift ideas

We are gearing up for the holidays here at Hopper's Art !  

Super soft and plush holiday designs and custom embroidered stockings!  

Festive aprons, tea towels, hot pads and mitts!  Beautiful colors and wonderfully creative designs! 

We will do custom name drops for individuals or businesses!  
Check out this little beauty!  These stockings are super plush and soft!  They are embroidered in our cute little HONU design, and can have your little one's name stitched on as well!

Good things come in small packages

Did you ever wonder why they say, good things come in small packages? 
My cute baby and kids clothes are the best!  Even the little itty bitty ones are super cute and original art and design.  Now, even the littlest member of the family can be outfitted in the most original and groovy clothes!
Babies look so cute and adorable in bright colors!  Why not some groovy tie dye for the little bit!  Tie Dye lovers will want to add some little designs for baby or grandkid.

Super Cute Christmas Gifts

Whoever you are shopping for this Holiday season.......do the local community and economy a boost!  Think LOCAL ART!  
Whether you know it or not, your local community is bursting with creativity!  Many of these creative folk, earn their living, by selling and promoting their passion, or craft!
Join the movement to buy local....support local.....!  
Hopper's Art is an ALL original art design business, located on the big Island of Hawaii! 
From infant to adult.....this is the place for one of a kind Christmas and Holiday gifts!
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